About us

Who we are

The journey

The amazing journey of Bless A Child Foundation began very unexpectedly, as Brian, the local clown, visited the Paediatric Wing of the Cancer Institute at Mulago Hospital. The sight of very ill children, sleeping on mats on the hospital floors with their care-givers, was forever etched in his mind.

Many rural parents and guardians preferred to sleep in the corridors of Mulago Hospital with their sick children, as they waited for the next appointment, because they had no money to make the frequent trips back and forth from their upcountry homes. What began as an opportunity to entertain children at Mulago Hospital turned into a life-long vision/mission, to provide decent accommodation for paediatric cancer patients as they underwent the treatment process.

Over the years, the vision has grown from just providing accommodation, subsidized medication, and transport, to setting up a Home school that caters for children of kindergarten to early senior years, entertainment, games, and play therapy. We have been fortunate to link up with cancer survivors who meet with our children’s care-givers to encourage them by telling their own stories.

Vision + Values

Our work revolves around five core values dubbed E.L.I.T.E.

Where We Work

We have just opened up our second home in Gulu.

Our Leadership

Our programs are the brainchild of our founder, Brian.

Contact Us

Drop us an email at admin@bcfug.com


BCF is a member of UICC, Uganda Cancer Society, Childhood Cancer International