How do the kids get referred to you?

Referrable by hospitals and cancer care organisations, ie. Hospice. In addition, we get word-of-mouth referrals.

Will the treatment cure cancer?

There is continuous treatment for cancer. Even when our kids go into remission, there are still checkups that need to occur. So the care is ongoing for most of their life.

What’s the cost of supporting a child through treatment?

Every type of cancer requires specific attention and, therefore treatment. Not only does the type of cancer vary, but also the stages of the disease. The cost of care, however for a child and their guardian/parent, equates to USD 15 per day. That includes accommodation, meals, and utilities, among others.

Where do you get your funding from?

We completely depend on private donations through willing donors. 100%.

What do you know about paediatric cancer? (take the quiz)

The answers can be found throughout the site

How many children are diagnosed with cancer every day?