We seek to promote public awareness of childhood cancer by organising sensitisation workshops for parents and students. Here we focus on: cancer prevention, early detection and the understanding of treatments. We demystify some of the myths true to the cultural context, i.e. Cancer is caused by witchcraft, is contagious, childhood cancers are a death sentence, all tumors are cancerous etc.


BCF seeks to champion pertinent issues on behalf of the cancer suffering children, as well as promote our services to relevant hospitals so that all children suffering from cancer regardless of which hospital they are treated in or part of the country they live—have the opportunity to utilise BCF’s comprehensive support.

We aim to ensure that government and other stakeholders in the private sector respond to the deadly disease that is stripping the country of Uganda, and the continent of Africa of hundreds of children across the country. We lobby government through Ministry of Health and other line ministries to ensure that the policies of government, medical aids, etc. are in place and appropriate to provide the best treatment possible for all children with cancer.