Education support

Many long term survivors lag behind on their education because most of their school time is lost as they go through the treatment process. BCF provides a well equipped in-house Home school where children are helped to keep pace with their school work. The school is run every weekday by a dedicated team of teachers and volunteers.

For the children who finish the course of cancer treatment and return home, reconnecting with family and school life can be daunting. Many children fall back in their education while their classmates have moved on to higher classes.

bcf residents and teacher in classroom

We have been blessed at BCF to support the education of cancer survivors to settle back and remain in school at the cost of USD 150 per child per academic term. This amount covers the cost of scholastic materials, school uniform, and tuition. We plan to raise the number of children we support to 50, if you have a desire to support a cancer survivor’s education, please visit our donation page.