Road to a cure

bcf guest and caregiver.

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Make cancer treatment accessible to every child that needs it by giving UGX100,000 per child.

Your UGX100,000 goes towards transporting a childhood cancer sufferer, along with their caregiver, from their home to the nearest cancer treatment facility.

Many of our guests rank transport facilitation as one of their major needs, especially for long appointment breaks.

We recognize the psycho-social wellbeing that guests derive by going back to their homes during long breaks.Unfortunately, given more pressing demands for our limited resources, we find it exceptionally difficult to meet this need. Sometimes, children will be denied cancer treatment or it will be delayed on grounds that their caregivers could not raise the transport from their home to the health facility tens of miles away.

So, give UGX100,000 and help a child access the cancer treatment they need.